“Success in the entertainment industry requires creativity and innovation. Both are traits I ascribe to Eric Copeland. I’ve worked with Eric in the Nashville market where he has a reputation as a creative producer with “heart”. He works tirelessly for his client, nurturing the best out of each and lending his expertise to help achieve the success they seek with great integrity. I am always looking for opportunities to be involved with innovators like Eric, and I highly recommend him in every way.”
– Eric Elwell, Producer, Tour Manager (Michael W. Smith, Sara Evans)

“Thanks for all that you do. Your teachings have helped my wife and me in a major way. Your wait and pray 30-day teaching has helped us BIG TIME. We have shared it with others and they too have been blessed. You are a gift, from the Lord, to the body of Christ. Blessings!”
– Chuck Gleason

“I’ve known Eric for quite awhile, and have seen his continued heart and soul for the working music artist and ministry. At Word, we are always wanting to monitor new trends, sounds, artists, and ministries for what may grow God’s Kingdom. Since we know Creative Soul and the quality they bring to every project, we see this relationship as a way to keep apprised of new talent and original ministries we might be able to be part of.”
– Josh Bailey, Vice President of A&R, Word Records

“Thank you for your kindness and your professionalism and many talents.  What you do for people like me and all the Christian artists who just want to create for the Lord is so unique and special and I just pray the Lord continues to bless you and your family. Now with all this done I am excited to go back home but look forward to the next opportunity to create!”
– Gretchen Keskeys, Singer/songwriter, Sacramento, CA

“I believe in the ministry of Eric Copeland and for more than 10 years have seen the excellence that comes from his coaching and studio. It is never too late to be used of God in the Music Ministry.” –
Dr. Randall Bayne, Executive Director, The National Praise and Worship Institute

“I feel more confident in my ministries and in who I am in general. I’m not sure where this all came from – it certainly wasn’t something I expected to come out of our (consultation) meeting, but God does awesome and unexpected things, and I needed to let you know how he used you and our time together in a life changing way for me. I came away so encouraged…for my ministry, my music, my relationship with God, and my self-identity.”
– Cheryl Esposito, Songwriter/Singer, Philadelphia, PA

“It was a great time at Word! Don’t know anybody else who would explain music business in detail like you did :)”
-Sergey, Songwriter at our Artist Development Workshop

“I have had the privilege and pleasure of serving Eric over the years. His company does far more for their clients than requested or required. The feedback I have received independently has always been highly favorable. Eric has served as a trusted – and honest – mentor and friend to many of his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking audio production and/or engineering services.”
– Greg Seneff, Of Counsel, The Seneff Law Office, Nashville, TN

“Eric listened to my ‘woe-is-me’ story about the fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and how frustrating it is and how it gets in the way of my ministry and music… and he told me something… he said, “use your weakness as your strength – it’s the very thing that will draw people to you”. I had been more or less hiding it up until then, but took his advice and proudly displayed my struggles at our last concert, and wow… I was shocked at how warmly received I was. So much compassion and support, too!”
– Nicole Barron, Artist, Windsor, Ontario

“Somewhere along the way I got off track, lost my focus and began focusing on everything around me and listening to others who were not encouraging. Thank you for reminding me and giving the encouragement to get back on track! I know my limitations and areas of weakness but I know that as long as I go forward and do what I know He has called me to do then the growth and the healing(s) will take place. I cannot express to you how grateful I am for everything you have done for me and this project. Thank you for your patience and encouragement and I am going to do what you have shared with me to concentrate on. Thank you for the Jesus that shines through you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Christine Ashford, Christian Vocalist, Virginia Beach, VA

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