Creative Heart Ministries is a non-profit division of Creative Soul Records, and a department of Artists in Christian Testimony, International.

Helping Christian Creatives. Start Something Amazing.


The purpose of Creative Heart is to help anyone who wants to explore the artistic abilities God has given them, and to help people discover a path to using those talents in ministry.

This could mean working regularly with us to better your creative or business skills or finding your direction as an artist or songwriter. Creative Heart also serves as the development arm of our unique record label Creative Soul Records and pursuing a full or part time music ministry.

First and foremost, our goals are to educate, lead, inspire, and grow the creative soul in you, helping you to become the best at what you feel God has for you to do.

How to Work With Us

For years we have operated as a for hire company offering these services for very fair prices. But we have always known we wanted to offer them in a way that could be at once easier to raise, and more ministerial in nature. We want everyone to be able to work with a professional to help them grow the talents God has given.

1) Creative Heart Ministries can take a tax-deductible contribution to work with you and your music ministry.

You can donate for yourself, or you can find someone to donate to you. All you or they need to do is come to this site and click donate.

You may choose one of our popular consulting options, or choose the amount of time you’d like to speak by phone or video conference.

Click here to donate now to Creative Heart and get your ministry started!

2) Creative Heart Ministries can work with someone you know who needs our help beginning their music ministry.

Just click donate and tell us who you’d like the tax-deductible donation to go towards. You can choose our Workshop, Critique, or an hour rate to consult with us.

Click here to donate now to Creative Heart to give to a ministry you would like to help!

3) You may also purchase Creative Soul Production and Marketing services through Creative Heart, again with each donation being tax-deductible.

All the top-level studio production and marketing services that Creative Soul has provided artists for 25 years is now available for payment in this matter.

A New Way

It is our hope that this starts a brand new way for us to help creative Christians, and launch hundreds of new ministries into the world. Thanks for your support and your obedience to God’s call in your life as a creative, or supporter of Christian creativity.

Click here to donate to Creative Heart now.