Cre8iv Heart is a non-profit part of Cre8iv Entertainment, Inc, and a department of Artists in Christian Testimony, International, a legal non-profit entity.

Amazing Creative Content Distributed to the World…for FREE!

Over 20 years we have worked with Christian, jazz, classical, and many other kinds of artists, as well as produced compilations and books as a company with our brands Creative Soul Records, Creative Soul Jazz, We Are Creative Soul, and For the Creative Soul brands. The content quality has been of the highest standards, and our artists and authors have sold literally hundreds of thousands of CDs across the US and the world. But the distribution, radio, and publicity networks are still set up for the larger labels to use.

So we want to build our own distribution network…by giving products away across the nation, the world, and in your own backyard.

More to come…

We are currently working on the details…but hope you will join us by adding your email to our email list. Click here!